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Syringe Infusion Pump

Quick Overview

• Front loading of syringe
• Auto detection of syringe capacity.
• Works with standard and widely used brands of syringes
• BD, BBRAUN, Dispovan etc.
• Option for 2customized set as per user choice
• Syringe capacity : 10,20,30,50/60 ml
• Manual clutch release mechanism
• Auto volume detection
• Facility to change the parameter during infusion without interruption
• Communication port : RC 232C and optional RS 485
• Electrical stacking up to 8 pumps
• Long rechargeable battery backup
• Easy replacement of battery and power supply card in case of failure
• 4 digit seven segment high bright LED/LCD display
• CE certified
GMDN: 37217
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• Syringe Infusion Pump


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