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General Dentistry

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Dental Equipment

General dentists are primary dental care providers, they treat and diagnose diseases of people of all age groups. General dentistry is oriented towards prevention of disease. Dentists give a strong emphasis on hygiene and oral health, this helps people avoid progression of oral diseases. Diagnosis is the first step in primary dental care.

There are several dental general equipment which are required by a dentist for daily procedures and diagnosis. Some of them are listed below –

  • Explorer – it is used to prod the teeth to check for soft spots and help with placement during filling process
  • Dental Mirror – it helps in viewing the inside of the mouth with clarity by giving better viewing angles
  • Scaler – used to scrap off plaque from gums and teeth
  • X-Ray Dental X-ray is used to view the insides of the teeth so that dentists can see the problem areas lying underneath
  • Gloves – they protect the dentist as well as the patient from transmission of germs and infection

Medikabazaar offers a large variety of dental equipment which is essential to provide specialized services such as Endodontics or oral surgery. There are a number of things to consider when buying dental equipment. If you have any queries reach out to us on our customer care number.

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