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Yantra O5 (Ss. Tank Model) Fogging Machine with timer

Quick Overview

Features :
* Generates vapor of oxidizing free radicals out of H2o2 disinfectants.
* Gas like diffusion.
* High volume of aerosol output.
* Large area coverage with complete coverage accuracy.
* Shorter treatment time & treats more rooms without stopping.
* 3D aerosol contact, very thin film deposition.
* Sturdier, least maintenance & long lasting.
* Complete kill: Virus /Bacteria/ Spores.

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Specification :
* Throw 50ft, 28ft. height
* Treatment of 1000cuft space: 300-400m1. disinfectant soln.
* Automatic dosing,75m1/minute flow rate,
* Motor Housing : Special Cooling vents for air cooling of turbo motor.
* Pre filters and cartridge type Main filters : Easily removable and Cleanable
* Solution Tank Assembly : 5 Liter, SS Gr. 304.
* Optional metering valve: Adjustable flow rate: 0 - 160m1 /minute
* Auto Switch off Timer : 0-90 Min.


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