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Woodpecker Endo Radar Endomotor with Apex Locator


Quick Overview

Features :
• Full Touching Button
• Compatible reciprocating function
• Mini 1:1 Contra-angle handpiece
• Torque ranges 0.6-4.0 Ncm
• Rev ranges 200-650 Rpm
• 8 sets of memory programs
• Endomotor with apex locator

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Specifications :
• The Endoradar by Woodpecker is an endomotor with a built-in apex locator, which saves space as well as time while performing root canal therapy.
• The endomotor and apex locator functions can be used separately or together, by the click of a button (En-Ap), as per the choice of the dentist.
• This device can be a great asset to your endodontic practice as it eliminates the need for individual devices for working length determination and root canal shaping.
• EndoRadar features a cordless endodontic handpiece while having a USB cable as well.
• The handpiece also has a wireless, intelligent charging mode that does not require the use of an adapter.
• Endomotor Mode:
The Endomotor Mode has 3 reciprocating features and 8 free programs for custom settings. Three auto reverse modes are present which can be cyclically changed by pressing on the “AUTO REV” button. When using the reciprocating mode, the operator can choose between three reciprocating angles. The speed and torque can be adjusted based on the operator’s choice and the settings can be saved by clicking on the “MEMO” button. The accuracy and speed of the reversal mode, reduces the risk of instrument separation during biomechanical preparation.
• Apex Locator Mode:
The Apex Locator Mode can be used individually by clicking on the “En-Ap” button. After the file clip, measuring wire and lip hook are installed the standard protocol can be followed using a K file to accurately measure the working length of the root canal.
• Combined Mode:
By pressing on the “En-Ap” button the operator can choose to enter the dual mode including both the endomotor and the apex locator.
Long press on the “SET” button allows the operator to change the parameter settings of the dual mode and can exit by pressing the same button.
The components of the apex locator are installed and the handpiece is connected via the USB cable.
The proper contact of the circuit can be tested by short-circuiting the lip hook with the installed NiTi rotary file.
During root canal preparation, the apex locator shows the location of the file inside the canal in real time.


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