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Wontech Veincare 1470nm Laser

Quick Overview

* Venous diseases
* Wide spectrum of ENT diseases
* Thyroid nodule
* Cervical and lumbar disc herniation
* Uterine tumors
* Lung metastases and bronchial tumors
* Hemorrhoids and fistulas

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Light Source: Diode laser module (1470nm)
Electrical Requirements: 110, 220Vac, 50 ~60Hz Single Pulse, Max. 0. 8kW
Applications: Varicose Vein Treatment
Output Power: Max. 15W
Pulse Type:
* CW Mode
* Pulse Mode
* Group Pulse Mode
Repetition Rate: 0.5~10Hz (Pulse Mode)
Display: 10.4 inch Touch LCD (LED Type)
Cooling System: Air-Cooling System


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