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Widex Logo L8T Hearing Aid

Quick Overview

* Digitally Programmable BTE
* Covers Loss Between 20-80db HL
* The unit has audio input and high telecoil frequency characteristics as the acoustic microphone. L8S/L8SE is powered by a battery type 13 Zinc Air.
* By switching between the two programs. provides maximum listening comfort in a quiet classroom and excellent speech intelligibility in noise and tumult in the schoolyard
* Directional microphone is suitable for use by patients in situations requiring improved hearing in loud background noise

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Widex Logo L8T Digital Bte With Directional Microphone Covers Loss Between 20-80Db HlThe Unit Has Audio Input And High Telecoil Frequency Characteristics As The Acoustic Microphone. L8S/L8Se Is Powered By A Battery Type 13 Zinc Air.


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