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Welch Allyn Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Quick Overview

* Video-aligned optical system ensures precise positioning of components
* Padded leather headband, swooped design and ergonomic controls
* Illumination and visual pathways converge
* Excellent visualization and true small-pupil capability
* Adjusts to handle interpupillary distances of 49 mm - 74 mm
* SoftTilt moves optics to a stationary position out of your line of vision
* Long-lasting, cost-effective, bright halogen light source
* Vital optics and mirror assemblies are sealed against dirt/dust
* 10-year warranty
GMDN: 46792 Shelf Life: 1 year
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* One of the most advanced BIOs available, this device has state-of-the-art, convenient features with a lightweight, comfortable fit and increased stability.
* Video-aligned optical system ensures precise positioning of components for easy viewing, enhancing workflow efficiency.


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