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Waldent Straight + Contra-Angle Handpiece

Quick Overview

  • With the innovative technique, those hard to reach and hard to see places are more easily accessible, thus streamlining and shortening procedures, making it possible to achieve results with greater accuracy and precision
  • Intended for dental clinical treatment and prevention
  • Suitable for: both steam and chemical autoclave and any E-type headpiece accords with ISO standard
  • Premium quality handpiece
  • Autoclavable at 135°C
  • Ergonomic design for the comfortable grip
  • Long life span
  • Smooth operation
  • Guarantees prompt service
  • Constructed with high-quality raw materials
  • Smaller head and enhanced technology
  • Indications:
  • For trimming dentures in prosthodontics dental clinics
  • In minor oral surgeries for tooth/bone cutting
  • Working Parameter:
  • When Pressure of air supply is 245 KPa (2.5 kgf/cm2 the Speed of air motor should be 18000/min (rpm) the consuming amount of air is 42 NL/min
  • When Pressure of air supply is 294 KPa (3.0 kgf/cm2) the Speed of air motor should be 20000/min (rpm) the consuming amount of air is 51 NL/min
  • When Pressure of air supply is 392KPa (4.0 kgf/cm2) the Speed of air motor should be 22000/min (rpm) the consuming amount of air is 72 NL/min
  • Precautions:
  • Avoid contamination of handpiece with Blood or other fluids
  • Periodic oiling of the handpiece with good quality oils will yield better results

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Product Overview:
  • Waldent Straight Handpiece + Contra Angle Handpiece Combo are designed to facilitate more user-comfortability for the professional and a significant reduction in procedural times for their patients.


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