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Waldent Modern Implant 20:1 Contra-angle Handpiece

Quick Overview

  • Series of surgical Handpieces are available which are ideal for the surgical procedures conducted in dentistry
  • Waldent implant modern implant 20:1 contra-angle handpiece TX-414A is the surgical handpiece
  • Ideal requirement of implant handpiece:
  • Apical resection
  • Bone remodeling
  • Implant treatment
  • Light weighted fatigue-free working
  • Detachable parts without any tool
  • Acrotorque 55N cm
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Autoclavable
  • Maintenance & disinfection:
  • Suggested for using high temperature and high pressure disinfection
  • Handpiece disinfection should be done before using it for the first time and subsequently after every use
  • Handpiece can be cleaning and disinfected with thermal sterilizer
  • Handpiece should not be sterilized above temperature of 135 degree celsius
  • Dirt on the surface of the handpiece head should be cleaning with brush (brush cannot be metal material) and clean water or isopropyl alcohol
  • Should be sterilized in a sterilization pouch
  • Ideally 121 degree celsius for 20 minutes or at temperature 132 degree celsius for 15 minutes
  • Connection/disconnection of handpiece:
  • Push the handpiece to the motor , maintain alignment , then twist the handpiece
  • Handpiece is locked into a certain position of motor when you hear a click sound
  • Hold the motor and the handpiece respectively, then pull out directly
  • Insert the bur into the handpiece head and then gently turn the bur
  • Push it inwards when it is in conformity with the latch position, the bur is loaded accurately when you hear the click sound
  • Bur can be removed by pressing the push button & unlocking the bur

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Product Overview:
  • Waldent Implant 20:1 Contra Angle Handpiece is designed for oral and maxillofacial surgery and implant ology.
Transmission Ratio 20:01
Pressure 0.30 - 0.35 Mpa
Spray External
Bur Retention Push Button
Rotary Instruments 2.345 - 2.355 mm
Maximum Drive Speed 4000 rpm
Can Be Dismantled Yes
Maximum Torque 55 N. cm
Noise < 50 dB


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