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Volk 20D lens

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Pre- & post-operative general diagnostic & laser treatment lens for use in sterile, surgical applications

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Features & Benefits:
* Quality of Volk-manufactured optics deliver high-resolution images in a sterile, one-time-use design
* Volk®1 Single Use lenses aim to reduce the potential for transmission of infectious disease while eliminating reprocessing costs (sterilization)
* Patented double aspheric optics provide enhanced imaging of the optic disc and macula
* Perfectly corrected for field curvature, astigmatism, aberrations and coma
* Anti-reflective laser coating reduces glare while safely enabling LIO laser treatment post-op
* Assurance - Eliminate the potential for cross-contamination
* Convenience - Do away with cumbersome, costly reprocessing of durable, resuable lense


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