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Vivo 50 by GE Breas Transport and ICU Ventilator

Quick Overview

Features :
* The Vivo 50 is easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to explain.
* A full-colour screen and distinct buttons provide easy access to all functions.
* The menu structure is simple and effective: an i-button explains functions and alarms with a click.
* Intuitive features help increase patient comfort, save time and reduce the risk for mistakes.
* Vivo 50 is equipped with FiO2, SpO2 and CO2 monitoring solutions, reducing the need for additional devices.
* The large full colour screen helps physicians easily read the set parameters, waveforms, numerical data and trends.
* Up to one year of treatment data are stored in a central memory, with the possibility to download data onto a memory card.
* The Vivo 50 can be operated in volume- or pressure-controlled modes, with leakage or exhalation valve circuits.
* Take advantage of multiple alarms or connect a remote alarm and a nurse call function.
* Mounting bracket and trolley facilitate hospital use.
* Get a strong feeling of security and acceptance in the home environment.
* Enjoy high-performance features, premium Scandinavian design and a low noise level.
* The ergonomic design makes the device easy to handle.
* Enjoy the quiet operation of one of the most silent devices on the market.
* Vivo 50 offers the autonomy, durability and robustness  plus a full line of accessories  needed for mobile use.
* The internal battery and click-on battery combination offer 12-hour autonomy.
* The robust design ensures the device s long-term durability and cost effectiveness.
* Enjoy the combination of careful design with modern electronic technology.
* Separate cooling airflow assures optimal temperature control inside the device.
* Enhance comfort and ease of use with accessories

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* Device Mode: Home, Clinical
* Inspiratory Pressure: 4 to 50 cmH2O
* PEEP: 2 cmH2O (leakage circuit), 0 cmH2O (circuit with active exhalation valve) to 30 cmH2O, Insp. Pressure  2 cmH2O or Min Pressure -2 cmH2O
* Rise Time: 1 to 9 (PSV & PCV), 50  90 %, Off (VCV).
* Expiratory Trigger: 1 to 9 (PSV)
* Minimum Inspiratory Time: Off, 0.3 to 3 s
* Maximum Inspiratory Time: 0.3 to 3 s,
* Off Backup Rate (PSV): 4 to 40 bpm
* Target Volume: 100 to 2500 ml.
* Maximum Pressure: 4 to 50 cmH2O
* Minimum Pressure: 4 cmH2O to 50 cmH2O
* Mains supply: 100 to 240V AC
* External battery: 24 V DC
* Click-on battery: 8 hours
* Internal battery: 4 hours.
* Monitoring : Displayed data, Ppeak, PEEP, Pmean, Leakage, MV, Vt, FiO2, % in TgV, Total Rate, Spont Rate, % Spont, SpO2, Pulse Rate, I:E, Inspiratory Time, Rise Time, EtCO2, InspCO2
* Dimensions: W x H x D: 348 mm × 120 mm × 264 mm without click-on battery, (348 mm × 120 mm × 290 mm with click-on battery)
* Weight : 5.2 kg without click-on battery (6.7 kg with click-on battery)
* Noise level (at 1m, 10 cmH2O constant pressure): Less than 30 dB(A)



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