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Vissco New Philadelphiaimmobiliser Padded Collar(Medium)


Quick Overview

* The Philadelphia Cervical Collar helps maintain a slight extension and its two piece design allows for easy application.
* The large trachea opening allows for quicker access to carotid pulse monitoring and its non-absorbent foam makes it easier to clean and maintain.
* Skin Friendly
* Rigid Support
* Ergonomic Fit
* Anti-Fungal
* When to Use
1. Simple and stable fractures of cervical vertebrae
2. Post trauma immobilization
3. Head injury
4. Disc Herniation
5. Spondylolesthesis

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* Vissco New Chin Philadelphia Collar
* Benefits Of Use
1. Stabilizes the neck and immobilizes the cerviclal spine
2. Restricts cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation
3. Maintain slight extension

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