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Vissco Neoprene Lumber Belt 9" Back /Silicon Pad(Medium)


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* Vissco Neoprene 6 Inches Lumbar Back Support provides the right orthopedic relief needed by supporting and immobilizing the back vertebra.
* Neoprene allows the body to retain the body heat within the fabric which further aids the treatment.
* Soft material ensures the product takes the shape of the body and provides a perfect fit. The special edge sealed neoprene ensures you can use this product again and again when needed.
* It gives soft support to the body while still allowing it to move
* Fabric can be stretched in any direction instead of the previous horizontal stretch for better comfort and support
* Fabrics are tested for anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties

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* Vissco Neoprene Lumber Belt 9* Back /Silicon Pad

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