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Vissco Lumbo-Sacral Corset With Double Strap(XXL)

Quick Overview

* Vissco lumbo sacral corset is ergonomically designed with double locking mechanism and silicone pressure pad for Postural back pain
* Acute low back pain (lumbago), Muscular imbalances in the lumbar spinal area. Spinal conditions.
* Advanced Loop Elastic Technology
* Skin Friendly
* Soft Support
* Adjustable Support
* Soft Padding
* Ergonomic Fit
* Anti-Fungal
* When to Use
1. Low Back pain
2. Muscular imbalances of the lumber spinal area
3. Spondylosis
4. Mechanical back pain

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* Vissco Lumbo-Sacral Corset With Double Strap
* Benefits Of Use
1. Noticeable therapeutic relief for the lumber spine
2. Supports and reinforces the back muscles
3. Promotes correct posture
4. Slightly reduces lordosis and pelvic anterotation
5. Proprioceptive compression stimulates metabolism, reduces muscular discomfort and eases pain

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