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Vissco Folding Walker with lever system 0998 universal

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* Is the walker adjustable? If the user is extremely short or tall.
* check whether your selected walker design folds properly and easy to transport.
* Will the walker fit through the various doorways in the home. If not, can the doors be removed or otherwise retrofitted to accommodate the supportive device? If not, how will the individual be able to use the toilet with confidence and independence?
* Are the tips on the legs made of a non-skid substance? If the walker has wheels, are they non-skid?
* Walkers are good choices for individuals with limited mobility and special functionality needs. Properly fitted and used, they offer these people the best and safest choice to regain their freedom and independence of motion.

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VISSCO Folding Walker With Lever System 0998 Post recuperative surgeries or operations also, patients may need to rely on crutches or walkers for mobility, till they can regain their strength and manage to move around on their own. People in need of mobility assistance may need more than just the assistance of a cane /stick. A walker may be a good option for those interested in mobility assistive equipment. Those with poor upper arm strength upper arm strength, or who are unable to balance may prefer the security offered by a walker. Using an assistive device for walking allows individuals to walk further and accommodates a more active lifestyle. Their confidence level increases and they feel more independent. There is less danger of falling, posture may improve, and strength and endurance improve.

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