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Vision-300 X-Ray Machine With Five Position Bucky Table

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Tube Unit:
* Rotating Anode Tube Unit with Focal spot 1.2 and 2.0
* THX-1/125/DRA-1/20/40 Or Toshiba
HV Cable:
* Pair of 6 meter High Voltages Cables: Sleeving-Straight

* Floor to Ceiling Stand & with Counter balanced movement, 360 Degree rotatable;mounted on floor ceiling rails for convenient movements
* Manual five position Table with motorized Bucky Grid size 17 3/4 inch X 18 7/8 inch ; Ratio 8:1, 85 Lines/Inch,Stainless Steel Cassette Tray

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HV Transformer:
* Compact Heavy Duty transformer comprising HV Silicon Rectifiers,HT Transformer,Filament Transformer, Federal Bushing all immersed in oil
* 300mA,100 KVP Full Wave Silicon Rectified X-Generator for Radiography
* As per IS : 7620 Part-I
* Small Focus : 100mA- 40 to 100 KVP
* Large Focus : 200mA- 40 to 100 KVP, 300mA- 40 to 100 KVP
Static Balancer:
* Phase Reducing Transformer
* 30 KVA- 3 Phase Transformer
* Light Beam Diaphragm with auto cut off
* Aluminum Filters 1.5 mm
* Hand switch with Flexible long cord enables the operator to keep away from the Radiation area during exposure


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