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Vision-100 Mobile X-Ray Machine with Bucky Table

Quick Overview

* Vision - 100mA, X-Ray generator, with console. (100 mA LF)
* Microprocessor based control panel.
* Tube head with Stationary Anode Tube insert.
* Mobile Stand with counter balanced movement for tube head.
* Light beam diaphragm.
* Horizontal Bucky Table
* 3 ft chest
* Lead Apron

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Generator Rating:
* Radiography Rating: 100mA at 100kVp
* Fluoroscopy: 5mA at 100kVp
X-Ray Tube:
* Stationary Anode,40 KHU,2.8mm*2.8mm Focal Spot
Over all Dimensions:
* Length: 1200mm
* Width: 650mm
* Height: 1880mm


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