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Venturi Kit Adult

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Features :
* Venturi Kit is designed to deliver oxygen concentration to patients on controlled oxygen therapy allowing accurate administration of a variety of oxygen concentrations levels.
* Colour coded valves with marking : 24%, 28%, 31 %, 35%, 40% and 60% allows the clinician to identify the exact concentration administered from a distance flex tube with humidification cup is provide for humidified oxygen delivery if required.
* Adult Venturi Mask Kit 1.
* Simple, Safe and Reliable.
* Contents:
-Humidification Cup.
-22mm-15cm Flex Tube.
-22M-22M Straight Selector.
-Clear, Soft, vinyl mask.
-Crush resistant 2 mtr Oxygen Tubing with Star Lumen for unobstructive flow.

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Specifications :
* Venturi Kit Adult


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