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Features :
* Compressor free technology, allowing uninterrupted ventilation.
* A broad range of operating modes including Assist/Control, SIMV, and CPAP.
* Volume Control, PRVC, APRV Bi-Phasic, Pressure Control, and Pressure Support Ventilation.
* Apnea Backup ventilation in SIMV and CPAP/PSV.
* Revolutionary user interface for easy operation and extensive monitoring capabilities.
* All models have integrated graphics. Comprehensive model includes Loops and Trends.
* Communication package including a remote nurse call connection, fiber-optic connection, printer connection and video output port.
* The Vela has both high pressure oxygen inlet with blender and low flow oxygen inlet with accumulator.
* The Vela delivers and displays tidal volumes as BTPS (Body Temperature Pressure Saturated) corrected.
* Self-testing at power-up and background testing during normal operation.
* Internal battery with up to six-hour life.

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Specifications :
* VELA VENTILATOR (Refurbished)


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