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Vasomedical P-ECP TI with SPO2 (Touch Screen Interface Model)

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1.It is more comfortable as the bed is designed based on the principle of human engineering. It makes the treatment more easily.
2.Passed by CE certificate and Bio-compatibility test.
3.It is based on Modern Medicine, Bio-Clinic Medicine, and Scientific Precise Data.
4.It adopts the latest computer, modern control technique, and software control system.
5.It adopts Germany Air Compressor and electromagnetic value only for ECP with proprietary intellectual property rights.
6.It adopts scientific designed system to reduce noise and heat.
7.It adopts integration of equipment (All in One)design
GMDN: 61284
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Dimension and Weight:

1.L*W*H 2150mm*840mm*600mm
2.Net Weight 178kg

Power Requirement:

1.AC Single Phrase:220V±22V 50Hz/60Hz
2.Maximum Power 2.6KVA

Operating Environment:
1. Temperature 14 to 104(-10°C to 40°C)
2. Relative Humidity≤80%
3. Atmospheric Pressure 0.1013Mpa


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