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UV Comb - UV311

Quick Overview

Features :
* Main power supply : 230 V ± 10V
* Optical Window Dimensions 10.5x 2.5 cm
* Detachable Comb attachment
* Body of the entire UV Therapy unit:
o Lite Weight FRP
o Color: combination of White and Gray.
o On/Off Switch for Safety
* UV Protective Goggle provided to avoid the UV rays
* CFL UV Lamp to comb attachment tip distance is 3cm.
* 28 teeth in 2 rows of 14 each and teeth size is 3mm(Dia) x17mm (Height)
* User manual provided to operate the unit easily. The unit can be used at home as per doctor s prescription. Hence the unit is also called as Mini Home UV Therapy Unit

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Specification :
* UV Comb Unit Dimension: 5x 6 x30 cm
* After packing : 10 x 38cm x 18cm
* Unit Package weight: 1.0kg
* Volumetric Weight: 1.4Kgs
* Choke: 9 watts
* CFL Lamp:
o Philips UV-A/NB UVB as per customer requirment
o Wave length 311nm
o Power: 9 watt
o 220- 240 V AC
o Aluminum reflector (100%) backside of lamp


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