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ACCUREX URIT-12 Hemoglobin Meter


Quick Overview

Features :
* Fast hemoglobin and HCT test within 10 seconds
* Accurate and reliable result
* Easy 3-step operation:
-Step 1: Turn on the meter, insert the test strip
-Step 2: Apply blood sample to the test strip
-Step 3: Read the test result

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Specifications :
* Parameter: Hemoglobin, HCT(Hematocrit)
* Principle: Optical reflectance
* Sample: Capillary or venous whole blood (13~15 ul)
* Strips: H12 Hemoglobin Test Strip
* Speed: <=10 seconds
* Measuring Range: 4.0g/dL- 24.0g/dL(g/L optional)
* Memory: 250 test results
* Quality Control: HQ-A Hemoglonbin control solution
* Calibration: Factory calibrated according to ICSH
* Automatization: Self-checking, auto-judging and displaying malfunction
* Power: DC 6V(Two CR2032 Batteries)
* Dimensions:102mm x 50mm x 9mm


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