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Urine Collection Bag Disposable - (Model: UR-20)

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* Manufactured from clinical grade PVC sheet.
* Super- smooth kink resistant tube, made from medical grade PVC with connector.
* Non- Return Valve and drainage outlet.
* Provided with hanging & carrying system.
* Storage Capacity: 2000 ml. Approx.
* No leakage.
* Light in weight.
* Graduated urine bag for collection of neonate s urine.
* Sterile, Non-Toxic & Pyrogen Free.

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* Urine Collection Bag Disposable - (Model: UR-20).
* 2000 ML Capacity, Stepped Inlet Connector with Cap, Strip Hanger with String and Hook, Anti-Reflux Flutter Valve, Top Outlet with Closure, Inlet Tubing 17/64*x36* , Sterile, Fluid Pathway, Latex Free, Pack in Poly Pouch.
* Quantity per Box 150 pcs.

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