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Universal Spirometer (Bluetooth based)

Quick Overview

Features : * Replaceable measurement heads, with no anti-bacterial filters

* Automatic control over the correctness of the examination performance according to the ERS/ATS 2005 standard with additional comments

* Automatic assessment of the quality of the correctly performed examination in the A-F scale

* Automatic assessment of the diastolic test according to ERS with text commentary

* Possibility to turn on the automatic diagnosis system

* Graphical and numerical demonstration of the results comparison for 30 recorded tests maximum

* Possibility to present the slow spirometry and the flow-volume curve

* Comparison of the results with predicted values

* Possibility to calculate standard deviations and percentile of the due values

* High definition color touch-screen 7 inches

* Big screen icon driven interface easy operated by finger

* Very fast and quiet printer
GMDN: 13680
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Specification :
* very large 1000 patient database with quick searching

* Direct connection to external printers

* Possibility to control the spirometer calibration by the user with the use of 3 liters syringe

* Possibility to edit one's own report from the examination

* Possibility to transmit results of tests to PC computer in order to create own reports

* Ergonomic patented handle of the replaceable measurement head

* Two USB ports


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