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Universal Pacemaker BIPHASIC

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* Strength-interval curves were constructed with monophasic cathodal stimulation and biphasic subthreshold anodal followed by cathodal stimulation in dogs prior to and late after left anterior descending coronary artery occlusion.
* At the monophasic absolute refractory period plus 10 msec, less cathodal current was required for biphasic compared to monophasic stimulation (P = 0.04).
* Moreover, the biphasic absolute ventricular refractory period (116 +/- 8 msec) was significantly shorter than the monophasic absolute ventricular refractory period (136 +/- 15 msec) (P less than 0.02).
* At coupling intervals greater than 30 msec after the monophasic absolute ventricular refractory period, there was no distinction between monophasic and biphasic stimuli
* . Similarly enhanced excitability was observed with biphasic stimuli in infarcted hearts. Voltage clamp measurements mimicking conditions of the in vivo studies demonstrated that when repolarization is incomplete, a hyperpolarizing prepulse reactivates additional sodium current resulting in enhanced excitability.
* In conclusion, biphasic stimulation consisting of a hyperpolarizing anodal prepulse followed by a cathodal pulse decreases the current required for excitation compared to cathodal monophasic stimulation in a critical zone near the ventricular absolute refractory period.
GMDN: 35822
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Specification :* Universal Pacemaker BIPHASIC


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