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Universal Multiparameter Multimon 1

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Features : * Gives 72-hour graphic and tabular trends of monitored parameters.
* Multiple analysis available like ST Segment Analysis, Arrhythmia Analysis, HR analysis, NIBP and Sp02 combined analysis.
* Networking enabled.
* Pacemaker Detection capability.
* Drug Calculations and Titration Table in-built.
* Alarm recall functionality for 60 latest events with waveforms.
* Built-in rechargeable Battery.
* 12.1 inch color TFT Display with 9 Waveforms
* Parameters monitored include ECG/RESP, SpO2, NIBP, TEMP and PULSE RATE
* Optional parameters: IBP, EtCO2
* Maximum 72 hours trend data display and 2880 NIBP data storage
* Suitable for adult , pediatric and neonatal patient.
GMDN: 16231
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Specification : * Universal Multiparameter Multimon 1


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