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Universal Modular 15 inch

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Features : * Feature
* S-T segment analysis, Arrhythmia analysis, Pacemaker analysis, Drug dose calculation
* Adjustable for screen brightness, alarm volume, and heart rate volume
* I-Klok intelligent alarm management, automatic-identification of alarm level.
* Self-adjust proper alarm time to reduce false alarms.
* Nurse call system support
* Handwriting support.
* Trend graph: 120 Hours of trend graph storage, recall and print.
* Data recall print function: 200groups parameter alarm recall &print.
* 200groups Arrhythmia alarm recall &print
* 2000groups NIBP recall & print
* Data power-off protection
* Option for printer. Various print format support
* IP net socket, wire and wireless net work available, maximum 128 units of patient monitors can be connected to central monitoring station
GMDN: 16231
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Specification :* 15* Large-screen Color TFT Display, touch screen
* IPX1 Level Waterproof, good performance in various environment
* Auto dust shield to prevent from foreign matters
* Multi displays selectable including:
* Standard interface
* Trends graph review interface
* Alarm setting interface
* Big font interface
* oxyCRG interface
* 12 channel ECG


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