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Universal Holter DMS300-4A

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Features :
* 300 4A Holter Recorder Specifications:
* Multi-Function Holter ECG Recorder. Imbedded 512 MB memory, USB downloads, 4-lead for 3-channel analysis or 10-lead for full 12 channel simultaneous analysis. Multi-Day, up to 4 days on a single AAA battery. Mini-Holter size and weight.
* Multi-Function Holter Recorder ECG
* o 3-Lead Holter Recorder ECG (with 4-electrode cable)
o 12-Lead Holter Recorder ECG (with 10-electrode cable)
o Includes SAECG Late Potential File
o Transmits Phone ECG (when 54a is released)
* Performs Resting 12-Lead ECG into:
o Holter PC computer, or any other PC
o Windows Smart Phone
* Mini-Holter size and weight
* 4,096 Sample Rate
* Multi-Day: 2 to 4 days
* Single AAA battery
* View ECG quality with PC, PDA, or Windows Smart Phone
* No LCD to avoid massive service problems
* Compatible with CardioScan 12
* Width = 50mm; Depth = 14mm; Length = 83mm.
* Weight = 2oz (57g).
* 2-year Warranty
GMDN: 16231
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Specification :* Imbedded 512 MB memory, USB downloads, 5-lead or 7-lead patient cable for 3-channel analysis.
* Multi-Day, up to 4 days on a single AAA battery. This holter recorder will provide you with a cleanest ever ECG in holter recordings.


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