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Universal Holter 3 channel recorder

Quick Overview

Features :

A light weight 7 Lead , 3 Channel Holter Recorder
Removable recording Media.
Data Stored can be emailed to UNI-EM Analyzing Centre.
Event Marking
Special Software to View recording while connected to the patient.
Preview recording before Analyzing on PC
In case of more than 24 Hours recording the stored data can be divided and emailed , then can be put together for analyzing
GMDN: 16231
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15 template editing to analyse VE SVE V-RUN SV-RUN PAUSE ST etc.
Hourly count menu, page scan
24 hours Holter Recording. (Optional 72 Hours)
Facility to delete or rename complete templates by a single command.
Template shows all three channels in the 15 template window.
Facility to remove the flash card & also insert new memory card by himself.
7 lead recorder with user detachable leads without opening the recorder.
Facility to Print Full Disclosure in full Compression, 7.5 min, 5 min & 2.5 min.
Facility to mark one or more complete channel or selected time period in one or more channels as noisy so that the same is not taken into account while analyzing .
The noisy marked channel is printed in light color where ever required.


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