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Features : * Converts existing PC/Printer to a 12 Channel Self Interpreting Resting ECG Analysis Machine
* Interpretations can be edited/Viewed /erased before printing.
* Facility to compare ECG of the same patient done at different times
* Capable of printing complete ECG report in a miniature credit card size Printout that can be laminated & given to the patient for using in case of Emergency. (Report contains complete hospital and Patient Details with base line ECG)
* Conducts a test just in 30 sec.
* USB Plug & Play Device.
* Multiple printout modes like Raw ECG, Sequential & Simultaneous, Linked Median, Full Disclosure, Mixed ECG.
* Unlimited Storage depending on size of connected PC hard disk.
* Facility to magnify any stored ECG and do calculations for research purpose.
* Facility to print Graphs through the software itself.
* Robust automatic Arrhythmia Detection.
GMDN: 16231
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Specification :* The Cardiomin LT ECG machine provides a convenient one touch electrocardiogram that has crisp.
* easy to read traces.
* clearly labeled ECG recording including gain.
* speed information printed automatically on the paper.


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