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Features : * Convenient one touch electrocardiogram that has crisp, easy to read traces.
* Clearly labeled ECG recording including gain and speed information printed automatically on the paper.
* Thermal Printer Based Automatic ECG.
* Single Channel with Automatic & Manual Mode. (Manual Mode for taking long lead.)
* Durable, with no moving parts inside.
* Automatic Centering and Temperature Control.
* Gain, Sensitivity & Lead Marking On the report.
* Facility to Pause in-between and resume after re fixing the Electrode to maintain the continuity of report.
* Easy Paper Loading, uses Normal Chemical Coated paper.
* Also Available in II and III channel format.
* Inbuilt Battery & Charger.
* Feather Touch Switches.
* Comes With a Carrying Case
GMDN: 16231
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Specification :* The Cardiomin 2K ECG machine provides a convenient one touch electrocardiogram that has crisp.
* easy to read traces.
* clearly labeled ECG recording including gain.
* speed information printed automatically on the paper.


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