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Universal ECG CARDIOMIN 12 B

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Features : * Cardiomin 12B ECG Machine To The Clients.
* The Cardiomin 12B ECG Machine Is Useful For Keeping A Check On The Activities Of Heart.
* We Have Garnered High Acclaim For Our Cardiomin 12B ECG Machine.
* Features With 7 Inch TFT 12 Leads Acquisition Simultaneously Light Weight, Truly Portable Optional RJ45 And RS-232 Interface For Data Transmission To PC USB Interface For Patient Records Transmission Facility To Store Data In BMP Format In The USB Drive
GMDN: 16231
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Specification :* The Cardiomin 12 B ECG machine provides a convenient one touch electrocardiogram that has crisp.
* easy to read traces.
* clearly labeled ECG recording including gain.
* speed information printed automatically on the paper.


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