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Universal Central Station

Quick Overview

Features :
* Capable of connecting 8,12,16,24,32 units patient monitor simultaneously
* Multi-display modes on dual, single or emphasis display
* Complete solution for Wired, Wireless or mixture networking
* Support centralized, distributed or mixed networking
* Multi-clinical office unified networking, data sharing
* Central station can operate patient monitor remotely.
* Can realize remote operation to monitor via central station.
* Data storage and output (Can record data to disc)
* Trend diagram, Trend chart and dynamic waveform review function
* Clinical report printing
* LAN connection
* Wireless LAN connection
GMDN: 38470
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Specification :* up to 32 waveforms for 16 bedside patient monitors, the Central 3001 Central Monitor is the ultimate solution for health care facilities nationwide.
* Providing the reliable, accurate performance you need, this system is also exceptionally affordable, allowing clinics and hospitals across the globe to have the reliable patient care monitors regardless of budget.


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