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Unique Glass Bead Sterilizer

Quick Overview

Features :
• The Glass bead sterilizer is a sterilizer for endodontic equipment where the heat is transmitted to the instruments, absorbent points, or cotton pellets by means of glass beads.
• Glass Bead Sterilizer supplied by us is available in a portable size and has high levels of efficiency in sterilization. It is being used increasingly in ophthalmic,
• ENT and surgical applications. These glass bead sterilizers are designed for laboratory use and provide continuous working with desired optimum performance.
• Display: LED / Analog
• Bead Well: Rustproof nickel steel
• Operating Temperature: 250°C-350°C
• Sterilization Time: 5 to 15 seconds
• Initial Stabilization Time: 30 Minutes
GMDN: 38671
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Specification :
• Quick warm-up time
• Long lasting performance
• Low power consumption
• Optimum efficiency
• 1 year warranty


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