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Unique Flexible Denture Machine

Quick Overview

Features : • Structure and working principle
• 1.This injection system is composed of a heater and a hot press
• 2.The function of the heater is that it heats the cartridge at the temperature of the 282°-288° for about
• 7m30s-11m, making the flexible denture material melt in the cartridge.
• 3.The function of the hot press is that it injects the molten material into flask which is prepared in advance.
• 4.The heater will make a beep sound when it finishes heating.

• Installations and adjustments
• 1.Fix the hot press to the worktable with 4bolts. The height of the table should be convenient for operations.
• 2.Put the heating furnace next to hot press. The distance between the two units should be close enough for convenient
• operations.
• 3.Before adjusting, adjust the temperature to 282° and the heating time to 7minutes and 30s.(These are factory default)
• 4.Connect the plug to a power supply and turn on the power. After that turn on the timer. The device will work normally if it the
• alarm is activated in the pre-time and the fluctuation of the temperature does not exceed 10° after during the working process.

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Specification :• Voltage : AC220v/110v 50HZ ±10%
• Power : 400w
• Heating temperature : 282°C-288°C
• Pressure time : 7m30s-11m
• Package Size : 39x32x80cm
• Weight : 45kg
• 50 catridge with complete acceries to ST


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