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META EMS 200 Dental Unit

Quick Overview

Endo Motor Features
•Auto-reverse mode.
•Torque control from 0.6 to 6.4Ncm.
•Long shell life with a swiss motor.
•10 Memory saving function.
•Reciprocating mode.
Obturator (Fill) Features
•Easy install for fill needle.
•Fixed cartridge needle.
•Fully motorized obturation for a smooth filling.
•Long shelf-life with swiss motor.
•Comfortable grip with ergonomic design.
•Auto reverse function when the cartridge is empty.
•Automatic off after 5 minutes.
•Option to a reused cartridge.
Apex Locator Features
•Best accuracy in any root canal.
•Self-test for system failure.
•Simple, easy to use.
•Color display.
Obturator (Pack) Features
•360 degree rotating for pack tip.
•Outstanding heating performance.
•Comfortable grip.
•Hold switch for safety.
•Temperature range displayed in LED window.
•Automatic off after 5 minutes.
Shelf Life: 2 Years
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* META EMS 200 Dental Unit


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