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Uma Suger Syrup Manufacturing Vessel Hot

Quick Overview

Features :
* 100% contamination free inside surface 0.28-0.8??m by electro polish finish.
* SS316 body fermenter with micro finish
* 100% contamination free finish
* Superior functioning stirrer assembly
* Compact control unit
* Fermenter use bonfigloi decelerator
* Top mechanical agitator with two layer six blade impeller one layer deformer and four baffles.
* Single/double Mechanical seal .
* Alcohole flame inoculation
* Sterisible sampling and flush bottom valve.
* Inbuilt sip/cip system
* PID Microprocessor digital display option
* PLC controlled with large color touch panel display
* Agitation, Aeration, Temperature, pH, O2, Total Bio Mass and pCO2, pressure and level as an option

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Specifications :
* Skid mounted Pilot Scale Fermenter
* Manual operated/semi-automatic/fully automatic fermenter
* Capacity: 100 litre to 40,000 litre gross volume capacity
* Top mounted agitation system
* SS316 Special designed Ruston turbine blade
* Other special purpose turbine as per application required
* Mechanical seal to avoid leakage
* Speed: 10rpm to 900rpm
* Sip (sterilise in place) system
* Cip (clean in place) system


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