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Tynor Knee Support Sportif (Neoprene) J09 Small


Quick Overview

• Aesthetically designed.
• Double colored.
• Pleasing looks.
• Used for sporting activity.
• Can be worn fashionably.
• Perforated at the rear.
• Ventilation improves patient comfort.
• No bunching on knee bending.
• Trendy.
• Top and bottom bands.
• Allow a controlled compression.
• Better grip of the product to the body.
• Easier slide while wearing.
• Neoprene layer bonded with nylon fabric on both sides.
• Four way stretch ability and compression.
• Ensures longer life.
• Appealing aesthetics with color fastness.
• Better body heat retention.
• Faster pain relief and healing.
• Anatomical shape.
• Ensures good grip around the knee.
• No bunching on knee bending.
• Anterior patellar opening.
• Relieves patellar pressure.
• Positions patella in patellar dislocations.

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• Knee Support Sportif (Neoprene) is a designer support to provide firm compression, mild support and warmth to the knee joint, to allay pain and inflammation, generally associated with old age, arthritis.
• It is widely used during sports and for sports related injuries.
• Open patella.
• Four way stretch.
• Controlled compression.
• Therapeutic warmth.
• Ideal for sporting activity.


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