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Tynor Finger Ext. Splint F03 Small


Quick Overview

Salient feature
* Coated aluminum body
o Malleable can be bent and customized
o Strong, provides rigid immobilization
o Aesthetically pleasing
o Light weight
* Ergonomic design
o U design ensures full protection in injuries and burns.
o Can be customized to provide stable immobilization
o Ensures easy wearing during injury
o Well ventilated and comfortable
* Ethafoam lining
o High cushioning
o Enhanced comfort
o Easy to clean and maintain
* Inbuilt Hook loop fasteners
o Close fitting and excellent grip
o Easy application and removal.

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Finger Ext Splint supports, protects and immobilizes the metacarpals in case of fracture or injury. Convenient application by just inserting the finger. Hook and loop bands ensure a snug fit and eliminates the need for taping. Can be customized to maintain the proximal phalange joint and MCP in flexion.
* Light weight
* Pleasing aesthetics
* Comfortable cushioning
* Hypo allergenic
* Inbuilt hook loop closures


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