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Tynor Cervical Orthosis ( Philadelphia) Plastazote B10 Large


Quick Overview

• Pre-formed chin.
• Provides rest to the chin, ensures comfort, and improves immobilization.
• Anatomical and balloon design.
• Offers perfect immobilization, minimal contact of the neck, allows use in burn or trauma patients.
• Plastazote.
• Light weight, better patient compliance.
• Non absorbent ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
• Hypoallergenic, Ensures no rash or allergy even to old age patients.
• Eco friendly manufacturing process.
• Better patient compliance.
• Tracheotomy opening.
• Compatible to use of endo tracheal tube, improves air ventilation.
• Improves patient comfort and compliance.
• Two piece design.
• Easy application, firm occipital support, option for varying rigidity.
• Better immobilization.

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• Cervical orthosis plastazote is an advanced collar with scientific design which ensures complete immobilization on one hand and perfect comfort on the other, It is called as a gold standard in cervical immobilization.
• Ultimate comfort.
• Perfect immobilization.
• Anatomically moulded.
• Minimal contact surface.
• Hypoallergenic.


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