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Triple Lumen CVC 5F 13CM (CV503 - 13)

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Features :
* Soft Tip: Superior geometric soft tip design makes insertion safe and easy. Polyurethane : Special formulated biocompatible polyurethane material, provides strength during insertion, yet softens in body.
* Catheter Marking : Radiopaque material with clear, definite marking, ensures correct placement of the catheter.
* Biosensor's Basic CVC Kit - Single Lumen, Double Lumen, Triple Lumen
* Polyurethane Catheter
* *P Tip Guidewire complete with Dispenser & Advancer
* Introducer Needle (Straight Needle or Y Valve Needle)
* Tegaderm Transparent Dressing (optional)
* Suture Wing & Clamp Fastener
* Extension Line Clamp
* Needle Sponge
* Vessel Dilator
* 5cc Syring with Luer Slip
* Scalpel #1 1 , Short
* Injection Site

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Specifications :
* Triple Lumen CVC 5F 13CM (CV503 - 13)


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