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TOSHIBA Nemio Xg Ultrasound Machine with 4 probes - 2010 (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

Features :
* B-Mode
* M-Mode
* Color Doppler
* Power Doppler
* PW Doppler
* 2 transducer ports
* Panoramic Zoom
* Trapezoidal imaging
* ApliPure Increased spacial resolution and penetration
* Advanced Dynamic Flow
* User defined Reporting Templates
* Tissue Harmonics Imaging
* Fully Digital Architecture

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Specifications :
* The refurbished Toshiba Nemio XG is a mid-range color Doppler ultrasound machine with shared service capabilities.
* The standard Nemio XG has a 153 CRT display, and the premium package has options for shared service with LCD monitor on an articulating arm.
* The used Nemio XG has a wide array of transducers available, as well as Tissue Harmonics and Panoramic imaging modes.
* A stress echo package is available with the cardiac option as well.


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