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Toshiba Asteion Super 4 Color

Quick Overview

• High Quality Reconditioned CT Scanners Imported from Japan.
• 0, 75 sec/rotation with helical pitch 8 for fast scanning.
• 4 x 0,5 mm slice thickness for ultra-high resolution imaging.
• SURE Exposure, the unique dose-by-noise regulation control.
• 20 mm detector width for 53 mm per second volume coverage.
• Tilted helical up to 30° tilted helical scanning with TCOT reconstruction for ensured artefact free imaging in FOV center and boundaries.
• 0.5 mm isotropic voxel for unsurpassed 3D image quality.
• SURE Start, contrast guided scanning.
• SURE Scan real time helical scanning with 12 frames/second.
• Special designed 4.0 MHU X-ray tube for increased patient Throughput.
GMDN: 40729
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Asteion super 4 color


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