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Technocare Multipara Monitor With Etco2 TM 109

Quick Overview

Principle Of Operation

Solid State Side stream Module. Single Beam, Non-Dispersive

Infrared (Ndir) Absorption, Ratio metric Measurement.

Intialization Time
* Capnogram Within 10Sec., Full Specification Within 60 Sec.
* Routine Calibration Is Not Required. 8 Sec Zero Performed When
* Power On Or Ambient Temperature Changing Too Faster.
Sampling Flow Rate
* 100 Ml/Min (Can Be Set From 50 To 200Ml/Min).
* With Spo2 & Respiration
* Principle Of Operation
* Red/Infrared Absorption.
GMDN: 36349
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* The Tm 109 Monitor Supports The Display Of Two Waveforms
* And Up To Eight Parameters Using A 14.2 Cm (5.6 In) Lcd.
* Standard With Sidestream Etco2, Easily Change To
* Mainstream By Advanced Order.


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