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Technocare Infusion Pump TM-1609

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Features :
* New infusion pump TM-1609c is a more practical, advanced infusion pump. Its automatic opening / closing, automatic clamping infusion tube, automatic lock, etc., a key can be done automatically. Significantly enhance the degree of automation equipment, completely changed the manual / manual operation of traditional infusion pump. More importantly, as the equipment used (self-lock when the door open operation of the pump) from the pump door locking system, so the process will not work due to a sudden unintentional pump door is opened, causing a sudden or excessive infusion downtime and other security risks, such as unnecessary trouble
* Comprehensive index tm-1609c type infusion pump products in the following table: Infusion mode velocity, drip
* Flow rate of infusion speed range: 1 600m1/ h, step: 1m1/ h
* The total amount of injected fluid volume can be set to a preset range :1-9999 ml Fast forward (rinse) velocity 600m1/ h
* Accuracy ± 5%
* KVO rate of 1m1/ h, keeping the vein open state
* Power AC 85V 165V, 50 Hz ± 1Hz
* Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery battery, 8.4V, 1600mAh
* Time after the battery is fully charged onward to 600m1/ h speeds available over two hours
* Show information can be displayed fluidity, preset amount, the cumulative amount of bubbles, obstruction, complete, power indicator, battery low
* Alarm infusion is completed; Low battery reminder; bubble alarm; blocking alarm Air alarm ultrasonic sensor
* Pump door security work during the pump door can not be opened by the system self-locking, only stopping state to open
* Outline maximum size 160x110x140 mm (L x W x H)
* Maximum weight is less than 2kg.

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Specifications :
* Infusion Pump TM-1609


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