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TCI Star Neck Pillow Vibration with M3 (Black)


Quick Overview

* Ergonomic neck contouring, comfortable and soft fabric with micro bead cushioning for maximum comfort and provides great head, neck, shoulder support. Pillow reduces the aches and pains of travel. Unique design accommodates both seated and reclined passengers in airplanes, trains, buses, in the car or home, office use. Compact size which would suit requirement of people of all ages, gender, and body build
* Unique U-shape design supports your neck perfectly, quickly removes muscle numbness, promote blood circulation, prevention of arthritis of shoulder and neck cervical spine injuries Ultra soft and relaxing, portable, durable and lightweight. Ideal travel companion
* Button closure ensures pillow stays in place
* Micro beads conform naturally to your neck
* Battery operated: 2 AA size batteries (not included)
* Vibration massage feature helps to ease stiffness and tension while kneading away muscle tension, pain and fatigue
Benefits :
* Specially designed comfort pillow with high quality built-in speaker cabinets easily connectable to the Mp3 player or mobiles using the attached cable with mini-jack plug
* The massage pillow also massages neck and shoulder with vibrating functions. Eases the pain brought by the nerves constriction and prevents and releases muscle tension
* Improves blood circulation in the neck and head
* Can be used as support cushion also
* Material used is soft fabric
* Easy to attach to any luggage with pull handle without taking up extra space for easy transportation
* Ergonomic design helps to adapt to different head shapes

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* Material - Soft fabric, Micro beads, Vibrating motor, Speakers
* Product Color - Black
* Type - With vibration and MP3 speakers
* Product Weight - 199 gms
* Area of Focus - Neck and Shoulder
* Massage Type - Cushion for Neck massage
* Therapy Type - Vibration


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