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TCI Star Eye Mask (Small)


Quick Overview

* Flexible to use with easy Velcro strap-on which easily fits on your eyes.
* It provides a deep relaxation and light cooling pressure on the eye lids
* Perfect for dry eyes / allergies headache, puffy eyes, stress, fatigue, fever revitalizing, Sound sleep conditions.
* Gel conveniently holds the temperature for approximately 20 minutes.
* Non-toxic
* Comes with one year warranty
* Reusable therapeutic cold pack designed to retain temperature for approximately 15 mints.
* Regular water splashes and cold therapy is a perfect remedy to all eye problems
* Regular use of Eye Mask reduces problems of Dark Circles, Wrinkle, Stress, Fatigue, everyday aches, tiredness, stress.
* Helps to relieve headaches, stress and restlessness. Eye Mask even helps in condition of Insomnia

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* Type - Cold
* Material - Plastic, Gel, Straps with Velcro
* Product Color - Blue and Green
* Product Size - Small
* Product Weight - 67 gms


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