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Tanvi Woods Lamp 4 Tubes Model - rectangle lens with ABS body

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Features :
The standard colour changes in some of the common skin diseases are as follows:
* Tenia Versicolar - Bright Yellow
* Tenia Capitis - Green (Microsporum)
* Erypthrasma - Coral Red
* Tenia Schoenleini - Light Green accentuated
* Vitiligo - Accentuated markings
* Hyper pigmentation -Epidermal > accentuated Dermal > Static / Decreased
* This machine produces ultra violet rays of the range 320nm to 380 nm.
Operating Insructions
* Put the mains plug in the mains socket.
* Select UV or white tubes by selector switch.
* The tube light gets lighted.
GMDN: 35149
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Specifications :
* Tanvi's Wood s Lamp is the result of the application of the most up-to-date technique and has been designed in accordance with the directions of authoritative Doctors and professors of skin.
* Two ultraviolet and light tubes of 4 watts each are used.
* The compact and portable unit is housed in an ABS body


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