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Tanvi PUVA unit 2 tubes UVA

Quick Overview

Features :
* Height: 1915 mm
* Width: (closed)  840 mm (opened) 1480 mm
* Supply voltage: 230 V AC  50 Hz
* Power Consumption: 3.9 kw. Approx
* Weight: 186 kg. Approx.
GMDN: 34669
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Specifications :
* Tanvi Puva Unit comprises of 36 UVA tubes of 6' each emitting maximum 355 nm wavelength.
* Unit is, hexagonal in shape giving equal radiation from all the sides. No heating up times & has minimum thermal load on patient & surroundings.
* Automatic timer cut off on strong castors.
* Switching of Individual panel by individual switches on control panel.
* SS 304 Reflector is used for giving maximum reflection of light.
* Special copper chokes are used for better life of tubes.


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