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Tanvi Motorized C-arm Compatible Operation Table With Remote Control With Orthopedic Attachment

Quick Overview

• Lateral tilt, trendleburg, back break can be achieved by corresponding gear.
• Trouble free hydraulic pump providing elevation from 70 cm to 100 cm.
• Table provided with brass blocks and comes with other accessories including arm board, leg rest, mattress, shoulder support & one handle.
• Tabletop can be rotated to 360 degree's on its axis without shifting the base.
• Provision of detachable head and leg ends.
• Optional orthopedic & neurological attachments.

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• Table Top: 48.5 cm x 180 cm
• Elevation: 70cm - 100 cm
• Trendleburg: Each 30 degree
• Lateral tilt: Each 30 degree
• Back Break: 90 degree up.
• Weight: 250 kg


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